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The ANZCA Institutional Research Repository stores and facilitates discovery of the research and publication output of ANZCA, the Faculty of Pain Medicine and the wider ANZCA community.


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Recent submissions

Title/Author/Citation Type of publication
Hemisensory disturbances in patients with complex regional pain syndrome.
Drummond PD,Finch PM,Birklein F et al. 159(9):1824-1832
Journal Article
Taste evaluation of a novel midazolam tablet for pediatric patients: In vitro drug dissolution, in vivo animal taste aversion and clinical taste perception profiles.
Cheung LC,Nguyen M,Tang E et al. 535(1-2):194-200
Journal Article
Myocardial tissue characterisation and detection of myocardial oedema by cardiovascular magnetic resonance in women with pre-eclampsia: a pilot study.
Chen SMM,Leeton L,Castro JM et al. 36:56-65
Journal Article
Exhaled air dispersion during bag-mask ventilation and sputum suctioning - Implications for infection control.
Chan MTV,Chow BK,Lo T et al. 8(1):198
Journal Article
The reliability of a portfolio of workplace-based assessments in anesthesia training.
Castanelli DJ,Moonen-van Loon JMW,Jolly B et al. 66(2):193-200
Journal Article
Effect of Albuterol Premedication vs Placebo on the Occurrence of Respiratory Adverse Events in Children Undergoing Tonsillectomies: The REACT Randomized Clinical Trial.
von Ungern-Sternberg BS,Sommerfield D,Slevin L et al. 173(6):527-533
Journal Article
Resuscitation and the origins of intensive care/critical care medicine.
Trubuhovich Ronald V.. null
Thesis and Dissertation
Comparison of learning outcomes for teaching focused cardiac ultrasound to physicians: A supervised human model course versus an eLearning guided self- directed simulator course.
Canty DJ,Barth J,Yang Y et al. 49:38-44
Journal Article
Research priorities in regional anaesthesia education and training: an international Delphi consensus survey
Chuan Alwin,Ramlogan Reva. 9(6):e030376
Journal Article
Innate visuospatial and psychomotor ability influences early learning of flexible fibreoptic videobronchoscopy
Yang Yi,Gupta Arghya,Gillett Lauren et al. [Epub ahead of print]
Journal Article